Thursday, June 13, 2013

field tests at the test field

              1067Pacific Test-Site

Lets talk about social feasts
                                   June 17th-June 25th

1067 PacificPeople are performing Field Tests at the Test-Site each day from June 17th through June 25th.
Join us at the Pacific Test-Site (1067 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, bet. Classon & Franklin,
We are exploring different types of social gatherings to look into the economy of the ephemeral.
The interventions at 1067 Pacific Test-Site are occurring in parallel with SHUTTLE, a mobile desert performance project ranging from California to Arizona.
Andrea will depart from the Pacific Test-Site on June 26th to join SHUTTLE and will travel and perform with them in the desert ecology  (

Onward.  We hope to be with you one of the social feasts. Upward.:) 1067 PacificPeople


17 MON Hoist the Flag. Burn The Flag.
Landing at the Test-Site

18 TUES Urban Desert Anarchist Prom

19 WED Traveling Citizen Tent Torture

20 THU Death in the Sky
DeLesslin George-Warren and his voice – As Day turns Dark

21 FRI Car Washing Crew

22 SAT Trench Field Potlock – please bring a food dish and, if you have one, a shovel

23 SUN  Desert Sanatorium

24 MON Car Mechanic Walking-Tour

25 TUES Royal Road Test Repair


Jim Pennington said...

In a gesture of gratuitous complicity I shall commit a copy-cat crime on June 24th 11pm BST and throw a copy of a copy of The Royal Road Test out the window of my blue Renault Kangoo at or near the dropzone under Suicide Bridge on the Archway Road, North Nodnol. No typewriters will have been harmed in the making of this art.

rn said...

Amen, brother. I am totally in favor of gratuitous complicity.

rn said...

oH, and, in case you're serious about doing something complicit, Jimp, send photos to squattercity {at} yahoo [dot] com