Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a snapshot of my desktop

A partial view of my desk and some of my trusted companions.


Ton S. said...

What an interesting desk, Rob, thanks for sending the link (I acknowledged your comment in my blog as well). Would you mind if I repost your pic as a contribution to my next typecast scheduled for late this week? Credit/link to you, of course. Also, could you please identify that interesting machine right in the middle of your pic? Thanks again!

rn said...

It's a Remington 3b. Can you ID all the machines in the photo?

Ton S. said...

Not without research. If you would, that would be great.

Ton S. said...

Rob, just a correction: the repost is for next week, not this week as I wrote.

rn said...

On the desk, from left to right:
a 1937 Patria (partial view), a 1914 Fox 24, a 1935 Remington 3B, and a 1918 Underwood 5.

top shelf: a late teens Oliver 9 and a 1921 Noiseless 4

inside the wooden crate: a Rheinmetall and a Corona 3.

barely visible behind the Underwood: a 1938 Olympia Model 8

almost invisible under the desk: a Royal 10 and a Smith Premier 10.

shordzi said...

Nice! Would you be so kind and look up the serial number for the Patria? I have been collecting them for some time now, some preliminary research is on www.typewriters.ch. Thanks!